Advocacy & Liaise

Advocates and Liaises on behalf of clients with agencies, such as the Swiss Embassy, social services, benefits agencies and hospitals. These are only a few examples.

 Some areas the SBS can help:

  • Language barriers
  • Explain the UK welfare system, NHS, local services
  • Accompany and in some instances advocate representing the client’s views (as asked by the client), during meetings involving teams of professionals
  • Liaise with family members to inform and take action
  • Listen to clients and represent client views to other professionals (advocate) to make them heard
  • Support to make decisions in the client’s best interest

Some of the many situations where you or someone you know may benefit from advocacy or liaise:

Liaise: After Mrs. P’s physical and mental health declined, resulting in a need to move into a care home, Mrs. P’s only relative her sister R living in Switzerland wanted to help her sister. The sister contacted the SBS for assistance and the Welfare Officer was mandated to help them liaise with various different health care professionals and also accompanied Mrs. P to a few appointments. The sister was able to take part in deciding the care plans and arrangements in her sisters’ best interest.

Advocacy: Mr. D felt his voice was not being heard and that he needed someone to support him on telephone conversations, online communications and in meetings when speaking with social services, health care professionals and other professionals. With the help of the SBS Welfare Officer, Mr. D was able to stand his ground and to obtain what he was hoping for whilst feeling he was being listened to, this empowered him to grow more confident.