Dementia Support

Better understand the stages of Dementia to work collectively on a care plan. Behavioural changes can be scary for the individual as well as family members; seek help to make informed medical decisions that give you confidence and safeguarding assurance.

Some areas the SBS can help:

  • The SBS Welfare Officer can guide family members of a person who is suffering from dementia, through the process of getting help for their family member affected.

One of the many situations where you or someone you know may benefit from dementia support:

A 50 year old called to help their parent who was showing signs of memory loss and unusual behaviour such as; difficulty in paying bills on time, unopened mail, not able to make a cup of tea, got lost at the local train station. The SBS Welfare Officer worked with next of kin to establish a plan to contact Admiral Nurses, GP, ensure safeguarding to get an assessment, tests. Family members will be guided by the welfare officer’s experience based on similar situations offering relief and assurance allowing you to proceed or not with a set of informed tools to make decisions confidently.