Going beyond a life of loneliness, hospital visits and isolation, we encourage you to reintegrate life’s pleasures at any age. The SBS helps to arrange visits by volunteers at home, in hospitals and in nursing homes. A simple call or email to the SBS Welfare Officer for consultation can get you started on a brighter.

Loneliness and isolation are more common and more concerning than one would think, as this reflects how someone feels about themselves and it can stay with you every day and every night. This can occur at any age, be it alone or in company. In many cases, one may experience loss of family members, loss of friends or loss of mobility.

Some areas the SBS can help:

  • Regular calls, weekly or monthly calls
  • Regular visits if possible to maintain contact and keeping in touch
  • Encourage new or current activities, to finding what local services are available to the person
  • Follow up on support to ensure the person is able to improve their situation

One of the many situations where you or someone you know may benefit from loneliness support:

Ms. T with no family in the UK and difficulties with mobility found herself suddenly less busy, having just the television for company and a daily visit from her carer.