Swiss Settlement Support

Brexit and settled status in the UK

Swiss citizens (and their family members) looking to remain in the UK beyond December 2020 will have to apply for ‘settled status’ in the UK. This includes those with a British spouse and those who already have a ‘document certifying permanent residence.

If you have ‘indefinite leave to remain’, you do not need to apply but it may be advantageous to do so.

Applications are free.

Need help? Our advisors offer free assistance to those in need, at-risk or vulnerable.

The Swiss Benevolent Society can help those in need/at-risk/vulnerable with the UK Settled Status application process:

HOW: With help from our advisors
As accredited advisors by the OISC (Office of Immigration Services Commissioner), the SBS is able to provide assistance to individuals in need, at risk or vulnerable, in making the application for ‘settlement status’ allowing them to continue to reside in the UK. We are limited to level 1 application only.

We wish to mention that we are not immigration lawyers but non-paid volunteers who have been checked and verified through application and qualification by the OISC regulators. All individuals/organisations must be authorised before giving advice or support to meet the Office of the Commissioner Code of Standards.

Registration number – N201900015

WHERE: Locations support is offered

  • Visits in person 1:1
  • Home of the individual
  • Neutral location, i.e. SBS Office
  • Nursing homes
  • Information sessions in groups (coming in Autumn/Winter 2019)
  • Phone support
  • OISC caseworker is available for complex cases

WHO: If you are in need, vulnerable or at risk
If you are not able to ask a friend or family member to assist you; or your local organisation or authority.

You must be eligible and be prepared to provide relevant documentation for evidence such as National Insurance Number and Swiss Identification (perhaps more if they ask you for further evidence).

Identification verification technology on-hand
We have the necessary technology to do the identification verification necessary for the application, plus the application itself online.

We are working closely with Swiss Embassy and Home Office to provide you tools and information to facilitate the process and keep everyone informed. Please see some useful resources below.

For further information and FAQ’s, please visit the Embassy’s website here.

Check back soon for details about our Information Session taking place in October/November 2019.

Get the facts: Useful videos and resources

Swiss Embassy – Settled Status application: Swiss citizen video



Swiss Embassy – Q&A with Ambassador Alexandre Fasel on Brexit and the rights of Swiss citizens in the UK video