Unwell Physical/Mental Support

Be it physically or mentally unwell, we can assist to support you morally or financially (upon application) and guide you on your journey to living a better life.  In our experience, many suffer from life becoming a series of medical appointments, awaited results or challenges understanding various medical systems; whether it be from cancer, mobility issues, dementia, depression or any health concern the Swiss Benevolent Society is equipped to work with you to face these challenges together.

We can help you design the next-step approach and relieve your concerns, to make you feel better and some relief.

Some areas the SBS can help:

  • Mental Health Issue: when going through ups and downs, moments are calm or in crisis, anxiety, depression, panic attacks the SBS Welfare Officer can help you to find reassurance & relief. It is possible to ask for the Welfare Officer to set up an evaluation for the specific situation at hand; plus help or a referral that may be needed at the time.

One of the many situations where you or someone you know may benefit from unwell physical/mental support:

Mrs. B was going through a period of ups and downs with heightening anxiety. She used local health services; however, she found additional support with the SBS Welfare Officer with whom she established a long term solid relationship based on consistency, continuity, and understanding of the in-depth issues. This empowering her to establish a plan of approach. After 8 yrs with the support of SBS, serving as a pillar of guidance and reliability the client departed with a sense of direction and understanding, being heard, being valued. “She said thank you for not giving up on me and believing in me.“