Helps to co-ordinate clients’ overall care or administrative duties.

Some areas the SBS can help:

  • Help you with tasks online, phone or in person: The SBS Welfare Officer offers phone support to take you step by step to create an account via internet, or if you don’t have internet by phone or in person. Phone benefits office, banks, hospitals, DR., Council tax, or simply online shopping. For non-essential items which a designated carer may not be able to tend to.
  • Help to get the tasks done that may be challenging for you.
  • Assistance with a plan of direction.

One of the many situations where you or someone you know may benefit from administrative support:

Mr. B needed to write a letter to an organisation, he found the process of creating and writing a letter difficult and overwhelming. He also needed to phone the target organization to have a reference from them and required the exact department the letter was being addressed to. The SBS Welfare Officer was able to provide this letter writing assistance to Mr. B and give him a plan of approach for addressing the target organisation.