Services Overview

An offering of Living Well Services to improve your wellbeing is offered by the Swiss Benevolent Society to Swiss currently residing in the United Kingdom facing challenges. If you are in need of support, vulnerable, or at risk, you can receive help that will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and respect to enable you to feel empowered, more confident, self-reliant, active and positive for a healthier lifestyle.

“We listen! We aim to make our clients feel understood, believed and respected; they are important to us and we make time to listen to whatever the issue is at hand.
If it is important to the client, it is important to us.”

— Suzanne Egloff (Chairman)

“Confidentiality and trust are of the utmost importance in my work when helping all individuals with understanding their needs and making a plan to improve their wellbeing. Families and friends are very valuable in this process and frequently come to me for support as well.”

— Petra Kehr-Cocks (Welfare Officer)