Historic Chronology

2006 Incorporation of the Society as a Company Limited by Guarantee
1996 Merger of the ‘Swiss Benevolent Society’ and ‘The Swiss Welfare Office for Young People’
1957 Opening of the ‘Swiss Hostel for Girls’ at Belsize Grove, London.
1950 Creation of the ‘Welfare Office for Swiss Girls in Great Britain’.
1940 Due to the war, the pensioners staying at the Home were evacuated to Hatfield (Hertfordshire).
1936 Inauguration of the ‘Home for the Aged Swiss’ at Fitzroy Square, London.
The house could accommodate 12 people and was run by a Swiss Red Cross nurse.
1932 Creation of a Permanent Secretariat.
1901 The Swiss Benevolent Society employs a ‘Lady Visitor’ (initially a nurse) to attend to the Poor.
1884 Creation of ‘Swiss House’ (hostel for girls) at Mecklenburgh Square, London.
1870 Creation of a new institution to give help to needy Swiss under the name of ‘Fonds de Secours pour les Suisses Pauvres à Londres’, now known as the Swiss Benevolent Society.
1703 Foundation of the ‘Société des Suisses’ which united with the Société des Genevois in 1718 taking the name of ‘Société de Secours Mutuel des Suisses à Londres’. Its aim was to render mutual aid to its members in case of illness, convalescence and old age.